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Raidis Kennel

Owners: Birgit & Kurt Johansson, Mjedsjön, in the vicinity of the town of Boden, Sweden. Birgit is a registered nurse. Kurt is a journalist.

We are breeders of Swedish Lapphund (Svensk Lapphund), Sweden's N:o 1 breed national. In the turn of the year 1979-1980, we started out as breeders, when our first bitch Renfjällets Monna gave birth to six fine and healthy puppies. The father of this first litter was our first male dog, Stråhles Rusch.

Our first litter was more of a "mistake" than a planned one, and both parents were very young.

Monna as well as Rusch proved to be an outstanding specimen of Swedish Lapphund. Both were awarded championships in all Scandinavian countries.

Until today (turn of the year 2003-2004) we have bred about 40 litters here at RAIDIS.

In our kennel we usually keep about 10 adult dogs, which lead their lives sometimes indoors, sometimes outdoors, but of course night and day mostly in their special dogyards. They also walk unleashed in the forest and in the fields.

Our motto as breeders is:

* Good mentality

* Dogs according to the official breed standard

* Breeding according to the standard and recommendations issued by SKK

* To sell to purchasers who are willing to adjust their daily lives to the needs

of Swedish lapphund.

Our most successful dog ever, nationally and internationally as well in breeding, in the show ring and in obedience has most certainly been


Arro's merits:

* "Breeding animal" of the year: 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997 and 1998

* Offsprings awarded championships in several countries.

* Father of "Male of the year" as well as "Bitch of the year" 2002

* Father of SOTIS, who won BIS (Best-in-show) at the age of 10 months

among 71 Swedish Lapphunds

Thanks to Arro's excellent genetics, Kennel RAIDIS has been able to win the title of "BREEDER OF THE YEAR": 1996,1997,1998 and 1999.

Beautiful dogs is one thing, but happy and healthy dogs makes all the difference.